14 Doable Ways to Earn Passive Income Singapore (2023)

2023.11.12 22:20

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14 Doable Ways to Earn Passive Income in Singapore (2023)

Raffles Credit Team January 3, 2023 Personal Finance

Passive income Singapore is an income acquired from a small partnership, rental property or other earnings when the person earning is not physically or actively involved.

Passive income is normally taxable. However, it is regularly handled in another way with the aid of the tax bureau. Portfolio income is taken into consideration as static earnings so dividends and earnings from a hobby would consequently be considered passive.

Rental homes are considered as static income with a couple of exceptions because if you are an actual property professional, the rent income make is considered as an active income because you are earning to look for people to rent a property. You are actively involved in making the profit.

The tax records of losing quiet activities can be deductions offset in place of the whole profit as it would be taken into consideration for a person to make sure all the static activities are being labeled in a manner so that you can make the maximum benefit of the tax deduction. The deductions will be reflected in the year after and will have a reasonable manner to take into account the earnings and losses of the business.

How can I earn passive income?

Interested to earn passive income while you sleep? Earning passive income is easy and there are a huge number of ways to earn passive income even if you have no idea. You can generate passive income and make money online through real estate, rental income, you can invest in a company, make an investment in a share market and many other ways.

A huge variety of choices is up for you to choose from. We all want to have extra income and passive income can be a good way to supplement your main income if done correctly.

Here are some of the ways on how to earn money online and generate passive income in Singapore.

1. Photography

Photography sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto can give you the benefit of having a platform to sell your photos. You will be able to convert your photos into a passive income source.  It’s one of the best ways to making money online.

They may offer both a percent or a flat rate of every photo this is offered and sold on the site. One photo should constitute a flow of passive income cash since it can be purchased over and over again.

You simply need to create your image folder and put on as many picture platforms after which the activity will become completely automated, allowing you to receive passive income in Singapore effectively. All the technicalities of the image income are dealt with via the internet platform.

2. Rental Properties

If you own properties that are just stagnant and you do not know what to do about it, try to have it rented. You can build apartments to be rented by tenants and earn income returns every month or every quarter.

It just depends on your terms. This is much protected by the Singapore government and can give you enough to earn passive income.

3. Credit Card Rebates

Some might not be aware of this because they are merely being focused on the spending that they do when it comes to credit cards but some banks do offer cashbacks and rewards that serve as passive income.

The cashback and rewards might range from 1% to 5% of the purchased amount from a credit card. You can definitely be earning more when using credit cards and use it in the near future.

To achieve excellent cashback returns, make sure you’re using a credit card with your preferred and frequented merchants. In doing so, you receive more points and additional perks the more you use your credit cards for purchasing.

Lastly, make sure to pay your credit cards regularly. It can be problematic to have high-interest credit card debt that offsets or overtakes your card’s supposedly advantageous rebates.

4. Explore the Stock Market and Commodities Market

Gaining money from the stock market can sometimes take a lot more time than you expected but still, there is an opportunity that your money will grow over time so you still have income out of it no matter how long it takes.

If you entered the market at the time that the price is good, dividend yield stocks are a good way to get a better passive income before you sell them.

Basically, the very best dividends tend to come back from telecommunications companies, some banks and developers. You will usually get hold of your dividends quarterly or annually and the money can just be credited directly to your bank account. You can also monitor the stock prices if you want to sell your shares and earn more profit.

However, the above projection is only true during the time we wrote this article. Make sure to remain aware of the performance of small, medium, and blue-chip/multinational companies. If you’re planning to invest in commodities, familiarize yourself with their price movements and local economics to determine the best decisions for your investments. Always diversify and never invest in a single business or market.

5. High-Interest Savings Accounts

Many Singaporean banks offer high-yield savings accounts that allow you to gain 30-40% of your initial investment value. These high-interest savings accounts might be similar to bonds. However, the bank will tie these savings accounts with resources, commodities, and business stocks to increase its value.

Your bank will use the money to create investments that will enrich your balance and give you the projected pessimistic, median, or optimistic yield. In doing so, once you withdraw your savings at any time, you’ll find its value close to the bank’s projections, giving you huge yields if you invest more gradually or immediately in the high-interest savings accounts.

6. Write a Novel!

If you are a writer by profession, you can basically create your own book. There might be a lot to work on to while you are starting but once this is done and the book is going into the sales stage, it becomes a completely passive venture.

This is mainly true if you can promote and sell the book to a good publisher who is willing to give you royalties for the distribution and sale of each book. You will then get a certain percentage of each sale made and if the book is fairly famous, the royalties can be hefty.

Plus, the royalties that you will receive will keep flowing as long as the book is being bought.

7. Be a "Silent" Investor

You can be a partner without any effort. If you know someone who needs investors and you can give them a hand, go ahead and invest in the business. The main owner will handle the daily needs of the company while you just sit in the comfort of your own home while drinking your favorite drink or doing what you surely love. You can enjoy life without doing anything and you will have your returns in time.

8. Find Work Online & Earn Money

Add more income to your regular work. With the power of globalization and the Internet, everyone can connect to each other and that means small businesses too. If you’re not validating any labor laws in your country when you take up any work online and you have spare time, then finding work from small businesses is a great way to go.

However, before starting, make sure to perform background checks on your would-be employers. Establish your payment routines and your rates before you start working. Working using the Internet requires a great level of trust from both business owners and employers, so make sure to establish this between the two of you before you begin.

9. Crowdfund Startup Companies

Kickstarter , GoFundMe , and other crowdfunding websites give you the opportunity to use your money productively without doing the legwork. Many business owners are looking for help to get their idea and an organized working body behind them. However, they need enough funding to begin their operations.

Crowdfunding startup companies might feel like a huge undertaking. However, being an investor allows you different perks, such as limited edition products from the startup you’ve supported, additional profit once the business takes off and reaches its next tier of milestones, and more.

10. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can help you generate about S$700-S$1,000, but only if you’re lucky to have one million views minimum from your content. This feat might sound impossible. However, YouTube is a great creator’s realm, and if you gain a huge amount of followers, advertisers might contact you directly to pay you in addition to YouTube’s revenue partnership program.

If you’ve got something to share, and you’ve got nothing to lose, it’s great to start your own YouTube channel. You can start by using the smartphone you’re reading our content from!

11. Start a Blog

Some of us often get intimidated speaking in front of a camera and microphone. However, for some, writing is the best way to express themselves. They add more detail and nuance to their explanations through their writing. If you feel awkward vlogging, try blogging, it’s more comfortable too.

You’ll need to purchase your own domain to begin earning money from search engine advertising. Additionally, you’ll need the end of the month to think of amazing content to showcase on your blogs on a weekly basis too. Similar to vlogging, you need to plan your content and schedule its production and publishing accordingly.

12. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is difficult. While the pay isn’t higher than your profession, it’s a great budget supplement. In addition, you meet individuals with the same objectives and values as you do. Lastly, your work helps many people which feels great because you’re getting paid for your work as well.

Search online, and you’ll find numerous charity organizations in Singapore looking for volunteers with allowances and take-home income during the weekends. If you have time to spare or need some extra cash, do volunteer work. It might just be good for your back, too.

13. Teach Your Profession

If you’re running out of ideas for a new vlog or blog, you can always turn to your profession for content. Even if you’re not qualified to teach in universities and seminars, YouTube or your blogs do not require that you are. However, make sure the content you share with your audiences is helpful and value-adding. If your lessons yield negative results, it will result in a backlash against you, which can affect your professional life too.

Furthermore, teaching your profession online requires you to organize your work similar to teachers. You’ll need to create lesson plans and points of discussion. While you won’t need to manage grades like they do, it’s essential to give your learners quizzes to help examine their knowledge about your profession.

14. Start Your Own Online Shop

The easiest way to start earning is to begin your online shop. Lazada , Carousell , Shopee , Shopify , and other web-based selling platforms make it easy to begin your business. On the other hand, you’ll need to take care of inventory and delivery logistics to make sure your buyers receive your products on time and without any delays.

Dropshipping helps you avoid using inventories. However, it can be challenging and requires in-depth experience for you to implement properly. An online course on dropshipping is an excellent point to start if you have enough time to invest in it.


Making more money is the best way to improve your financial standing. While savings are essential, money that doesn’t improve finances are assets most people waste. Spend your savings in generating passive income, and watch your savings increase in value over time.

Investing takes a huge chunk from your savings. In this light, if you have less money to invest for any of these ventures, you can use Raffles Credit’s money lending service to give you a business startup fund or a personal loan that provides just enough cash to help you begin your new investment venture. Visit Raffles Credit or our physical branch to know more about what we can achieve with you.

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